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Every feature you need for the modern family office

Every feature you need for the modern family office

Data Automation 

Eliminate the need for continuous data aggregation, standardization, and reconciliation, and save time for family offices.

Comprehensive data mapping  

Bulk export feature and customised reports in Datahub 

Open integrations to other software applications like Refinitiv, Morningstar & Factset 

Open banking connections to 10,000+ global financial institutions  

Direct connection to custodians for investment portfolio data 

Automated data aggregation on alternative funds via Canoe Intelligence

Performance Monitoring 

Customise performance reporting and monitor family portfolio’s capital pools with relevant metrics. 

Customised asset portfolios of assets across entities and providers 

Multi-currency reporting with 160+ global currencies 

Daily time weight performance calculation for assets, accounts and portfolios 

Benchmark performance and equity and sector allocations

IRR & MOIC calculations for private equity and liquidity tracking of cash and currency exposures

24/7 monitoring and alerts of allocations against target levels with Mandates 


Streamline accounting and tax reporting with tranche lot accounting and easy access to investment asset information. 

Automated reconciliation of custodian holdings  

Track unrealised and realised gains with tranchelevel book cost accounting 

Monitor WHT rates on Dividends through Income Dashboard 

Track manager fees and charges through Cost Dashboard 

Private Assets

Comprehensive private asset tracking, wealth management across entities, and real-time net worth statements for informed decision-making. 

Track private assets including property, private equity and collectibles  

Assign custom fields 

Track asset value and valuation methodology for private assets over time 

Realtime ondemand net worth statements 

Manage family wealth with custom family groups 

Automatically update linked entities with dynamic NAV calculations 

Document Vault

A family office platform where you can organise documents with custom tags, secure sharing, and notification features for efficient collaboration. 

Easily find documents with direct links to Assets, Accounts, Persons or Entities   

Add customised tags to help the team search faster 

Access in Vault or directly at object level 

Share secure links for direct upload to your Vault 

Notify users of new document upload 

Dedicated encrypted email to accept documents directly to your Vault 

Workflows & Alerts

Manage family office operations effortlessly with permissioning, note-sharing, and task assignment features, including pipeline tracking and activity feed. 

Activity feed  

Single point of view for the entire team 

Comprehensive permissioning of access to data down to the asset level 

Record and share notes with other users 

Assign tasks and monitor progress via TaskBoard 

Pipeline tracking functionality for assets undergoing due diligence and review 


Get easy access to wealth data, portfolio performance, documents, and insights, with 2-factor authentication for security. 

Android and iOS mobile apps   

Access portfolio performance, documents and net worth on the go 

Engage the next generation through realtime ondemand access to their wealth data

Intuitive, easy to navigate interface 

Markets and Insights to keep users up to date of developments 

2factor authentication for access to web app 

Empower your family office today 

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