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A secure home for
your financial data

The security and privacy of your data is our top priority. We’ve designed a multi-faceted data security program to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your data.

Always Encrypted™

Your data is stored with end to end always on encryption. This provides a separation between those who own the data and can view it, and those who manage the servers but can’t access it.

Multi-factor authentication

All access to the data requires 2 Factor Authentication or on device biometrics. Your data is protected by ensuring only registered permissioned users can access your data.

Security alerts

Suspicious activity drives security alerts direct to your mobile: Consecutive login failures; Geo-location (physical location) Geo-velocity (physical distance between consecutive login attempts); New device type.

Private Cloud Storage

Optional private cloud storage in a dedicated single tenant virtual server in MS Azure available for Professional or Family Office customers. This segmented network infrastructure with inner security perimeters and firewalls supports increased security, monitoring and containment.

Security Centre

Our clients own their data and are in full control of who it is shared with via Security Centre on the platform. Security Centre provides comprehensive Permissioned Access giving you full control over who has access to what and when. The detailed logs track all activity providing full oversight.

Independent Verification

Our information Security Management processes and standards are independelty audited by British Standards Institute to ensure they meet the latest secutrity bnest practices and prnciples as repsresnetd by the Global Quality Standard ISO 27001.

The security programme at Asora protects your data and our organisation at every layer

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